Es muy Largo . No lo voy a Traducir , Si nisiquiera lo leen :

So stoked to make it back home tomorrow. Honestly though, if we had another 5 weeks to go I’d be just as satisfied. We got to experience so many places, people, a giant white tiger… On this tour alone, I took part in the near burning down of a building in downtown Tokyo. I dropped from the highest free fall in Australia. Swam in the Indian Ocean. Climbed a tree comparable to Treebeard. Not to mention, my friends and I played a hell of a lot of good shows.

We’ve toured for 5 years now. But in the last 3 years, particularly, we’ve been building a real family out here on the road. Not without struggle… but yeahhh… suck it. Between our band, the crew, and the friends that come out on tour with us from time to time, I feel thoroughly blessed. It’s hard to say if I’d be the same person I am today if I hadn’t been surrounded by my family on wheels. And that brings me to the reason that I’m writing this entry:

Our good friend and assistant tour manager of 3 years, Will Barrett (aka Bear, aka Big Bear, aka Bigtime, etc.) is going on to pursue bigger dreams. This was his last tour with us… and one that I’m proud to say was the happiest and most adventurous of just about any tour we’ve ever done. It’s gonna be a lot different without him. But how could we not support him in anything and everything he ever wanted to do? Will is a writer, a comedian, a thinker, a talker, and one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met. So far, he’s begun working on a comic book that’s sounds so cool it’s sickening… and a pilot for some sort of TV/film series. There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll do it all and then some.

It’ll be a lot different for me, I think, than everyone else on the road when Will’s not around. Not to say I’ll miss him any more than the others… but I think it will just be different. I’ve known Will since I was 18 and though it’s only been a few years, I feel like I’ve grown up immensely… and he’s always been there for me and treated me with respect while also challenging me when there was advice to be given. It’s not always easy being the only girl on the road. I mean, I know my show clothes smell just as bad as the dudes’… but life out here is just different for me sometimes. To Will, I owe a little piece of what sanity I still possess. He’s a true friend that I’m gonna miss a lot.

So, here’s to William D. Barrett. Can’t believe I just wrote such a sappy blog about you. See you around Nashville, bud.



Fri, 12 Mar 2010 2:27:34 am

Hoola... Si los leemos HAHAHA
Y xq no traducist este.. :(
tuve q emplear mis conocimientos d Ingles... JAJAJA



Fri, 12 Mar 2010 5:14:16 am

jajajajaj sorry :D
estaba muy brava...y cansada..
la proxima vez lo traduzco
y los voy a meter a TODOS en un curso de ingles intensivo!!


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