Katy Perry- California Gurls
Hayley Williams: "I actually downloaded this within the first couple of days it came out... I kept seeing it on the iTunes chart and I was like, "Sweet! New Katy Perry!" It's a good departure from the first record without being so far gone that it's too different-it still sounds like her, and there's so much personality. That's what I like about it."
The Dream: "Love it. She did a great job on that record. She kind of did it asa response to Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind." I'm from Atlanta, and I wish [ballad standard] "Georgia on My Mind" was more popular so I could remake it and have a state song too. I should probably go ahead and start on a new one now."
Big Boi: "I like the bass guitar, and I like [guest rapper] Snoop. It's definitely got kind of an '80's thing going on."

30H!3 featuring Ke$ha- My First Kiss

Big Boi: "Um, it reminds m of [chanting the 1982 Toni Basil hit] "Oh, Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine it blows my mind." Right?"

Kanye West- Power
The Dream: "That's a classic Kanye record -- and I'm not just that because we're cool. He's talking about so much, his songs work on so many levels. And then the music is so strong."
Big Boi: "That's a nice little jam. What's the sample? [Ed. note: it's from prog-rockers King Crimson's 1969 epic "21st Century Schizoid Man."] I like it. I just sampled a song from a London opera, actually."

B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams- Airplanes
Hayley Williams: "Garbage! It's garbage. [Laughs] Honestly, this is my favorite collaboration that I've ever done, because befoe I was aware of punk music, I grew up in Mississippi loving Aaliyah and Missy Elliott and Cash Money. So it's amazing to me that I get to be on the album of a hip-hop guy  I really admire ho is also Southern. Plus, he's just hilarious and rad."
Travie McCoy: "I think Hayley's voice over that beat, the juxtaposition of hearing her on a hip-hop track, is amazing. She's a little firecracker. She gives that song the oomph it needs."
The Dream: "Plain and simple, that's an incredible record. B.o.B. can't miss right now."

Usher featuring Will.I.Am- OMG
Travie McCoy: "When I first heard this, I was with a group of people all looking at each other like "What the fuck?" Will.i.am [who produced it]-- he'll go to these crazy places and we won't get it, but two weeks after listening to it, you're like, 'This is amazing."
Big Boi: "This is my favorite song at the moment. The energy, the beat, the melodies, it's kind of freaky."
Hayley Williams: "I've been an Usher fan since I was little, but this one's just not really doing it for me so far. Maybe it will grow on me?"

Lady GaGa- Alejandro
The Dream: "Love it! GaGa is an incredible storyteller. It's king of a long song. She took that risk. Radio only wants songs to be three minutes and 15 seconds. But she won that battle."
Hayley Williams: "Just like everyone else, I'm in love with her. And I love this song because it sounds different for her -- it's chill, as much as  you can dance to it. It sounds like Madonna's "La Isla Bonita." Though maybe she doesn't want to hear that? But that's why I like it!"
Big Boi: "Well, I've only heard the song with the video, but I could not stop looking at that video."

Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars- Billionaire

Hayley Williams: "I think it's cool that this is different enough from Gym Class Heroes, which is what Travie is to me in my head, so I have to get rid of that association, and I think this is a good song for that. I just love him."
The Dream: "It's a great record. My man Travie did his thing. So did Bruno Mars-- he produced and featured on B.o.B.'s "Nothin' on You," too. All he needs now is a record of his own and he's going to blast off."
Big Boi: "This one's a reggae jam, like some mojito on the beach. [Laughs]
Travie McCoy: "It kind of has that Sublime vibe, and I'm a huge Sublime fan. It's a no-brainer, and I'm just glad it's mine."

Jason DeRulo- In My Head

The Dream: "I love this record. But I love it because it sounds like a lot of records I already love, so I'm not sure how much he has to do with it. It's great, I just don't think he's connected."
Hayley Williams: "It sounds like [Lady GaGa's] "Just Dance" to me. It's "Just Dance," with pants on! I just can't, I'm not into it."
Big Boi: "Okay, um, I don't know about that one. You should have put [Boi's own new single] "Shutterbug" on the list instead."

Carrie Underwood- Undo It
Big Boi: "It's a pretty rock-y, she's got a really strong voice. I don't know if I'd be down with the top down blastin' this, but she can sing."
Hayley Williams: "I think her voice is awesome, and it's crazy because I don't ever associate her with Idol, which.. hopefully that's a big compliment to her, even though that show gave her everything. I think it's a big deal when an artist can separate from it, you know?"
The Dream: " I don't like this record yet. I think it's kind of typical. Whenever I buy Carrie's stuff, I buy the whole album. And when I hear this, I just don't think of her as this kind of artist."

Miley Cyrus- Can't Be Tamed
The Dream: "I love it. This is her coming-of-age record. And that's difficult, trying to figure out how to grow up from being a teen queen. But she's pulling it off here."
Big Boi: "Wow, her daddy allows that? Okay, cool. I saw that video where she kissed a girl [during a recent live performance] and I was like, "She came from Disney?" I like girls that kiss, but not my fucking daughter. Katy Perry can do that, not Miley."

Source: Entertainment Weekly, June 25, 2010, Issue #1108. Yes, I typed it up myself.



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