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Paramore aparece en la nueva edicion de "Zona Joven"
Mas Fotos de hayley en el Nylon Magazine . Aqui se las dejo. Para ver la imagen completa solo haz click en ella ;) !
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Hayley , acompañada por el resto de la banda aparecen en la nueva edicion de junio de la revista TU (En Chile) ! y aqui estan los escaneos de la edicion:

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Aqui les dejo los escaneos de la revista pero esta en HIGH QUALITIE !
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#25 aniversario de Prensa Alternativa llega a la venta el 01 de junio y contará con un montón de nuevas bandas de prensa Alt-aprobado posando en fotografías similares a las de bandas en caliente de edad de Alt Press. Por ejemplo: Hayley Williams de Paramore ha sido fotografiada para parecerse a Shirley Manson de Garbage, Underoath y ha recibido un disparo que parecía el Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
Caundo Taylor , Hayley y Jeremy en Stockholm hizieron una entrevista con una revista llamada Piraja , aqui estan los escaneos de la revista !

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Aqui esta la entrevista en Ingles :

During their six years as a band they’ve managed to release three albums, take a break and rise up again. Now they’re ready for the future.

- We’re a bunch of nerds, vocalist Hayley Williams laugh.
It’s hard to miss Paramores singer Hayley Williams if you’re in the same room as her. Though bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York is with herm, you’re struck bu three things about Hayley:
1) She’s short.
2) Her hair has an impossible colorcombination of orange, read, blonde and yellowgreenish.
3) She’s so hoarse that you wanna feed her throat lozenge.
Because of their recordlabels priority to represent the band and give interviews during this year, this Paramoretrio is in Sweden over a day. It’s easy to see why Fueled by Ramen chose to do this – Paramore has not only Grammynominations behind them, but sold out worldtours and millions of albums sold worldwide.
Hayley makes herself comfortable in the ouch beside Jeremy and shuts off her phone, protected by a pink skin.

- I broke my last phone so I really try to protect this one from that destiny, she says and laughs.
Paramore first started six years ago. Since then, their career has gone straight up from their childhood basement to all over the globe.
- I would say that we’ve reached a point when it gets hard for us to set up new goals for our band, ’cause right now it feels like we’ve reached everything we’ve ever wanted, plus alot more that we’ve never even dreamed of. Six years ago, we would never had thought that we would be in Sweden right now, giving interviews. It feels like we can just relax and look forward to what’s coming our way, that’s awesome, says Hayley.
When they started playing together they just simply wanted to do music and thought that their local shows were a great success.

- Of course we wanted our music to be everywhere and in everyones ears. Then suddenly, everything just broke loose and our dream came true, Hayley says and throws an eye at Jeremy sitting next to her.
Originally, it was Jeremys and Hayleys friendship that started the band.

- I first met Jeremy when I auditioned for a coverband that he was a part of. It actually was my moms idea to audition. If I hadn’t, we’d never gotten to know each other.
The reason her mom was eager for her to go was that their family just had moved to Mississippi and Hayley hadn’t had the best time at her new school.

- I didn’t fit it, the other girls were brutal. It was just like Mean Girls (the movie), disregarding I didn’t push the worst girl infront of the school bus.
Luckily, the friendship with Jeremy instantly clicked. In 2004 the duo had gained three more members, brothers Josh & Zac Farro (guitar and drums), and Hayleys neighbour Jason Bynom (guitar). Josh and Zac went to the same school as Hayley.

- I fit in alot better with guys. I don’t know if they should take that as a compliment? We’re a bunch of nerds.
The rest of Paramores story is mainly a fast road that lead to more and more shows, them producing a demo and then finally getting signed with recordlabel Fueled by Ramen. After one year they released their first album All We Know Is Falling which led to bigger shows around all around the country. When this occured, they had to deal with school on the tour bus.

- That sucked! Hayley laughs.

- It was kind of nice for me, ’cause I was the only one that had finished school, but the others didn’t have a great time. I shared a room with Josh and Zac, who had to wake up at 7 am and make some homework, Jeremy explains.

- My parents didn’t wanna let me go with a bunch of guys on a tour bus alone, so they were always with me, dad actually drove the bus when I studied. I would never had managed to do it if they hadn’t been there for me.
Despite many big shows, Paramore didn’t become that known until their next album, RIOT!, which was released two years later in 2007. With a new guitarist, Taylor York, and two big hit singles Paramore quickly became a band everyone had an eye on for the future. In 2008 they got their first Grammynomination for Best New Artist, but lost to Amy Winehouse.
With this extreme success and the fact they were all growing up the bandmembers started to fall apart. In 2008 they even cancelled a couple of shows in order to find themselves again.

- In that age you normally graduate and then start a new life. We were stuck with each other even though we’d grown up. Sure, we were still friends, but at the same time we had to be with each other all the time even if we liked it or not. When it all became more hectic we felt that we had to step back, that was important for us and our band. It’s hard to see each other grow up and develop into new people, alot changes. We tried to make the tour work, but couldn’t. We just had to come back home and breathe for a while, Hayley says, Jeremy and Taylor agreeing.
That short break was necessary. After rain comes sunshine – Paramores sunshine was their third album, Brand New Eyes.

- Every album has contained more and more honest lyrics. Brand New Eyes was the album I found hardest to make. In the beginning it was very scary to show my lyrics to the guys, ’cause they all was about our problems as a band. After a while I felt that it had all made such a difference for our band, we started talking and having fun again, explains Hayley.
Brand New Eyes also became their first album with a ballad as a single, newly released The Only Exception.

- It’s such a cool thing for us to have a ballad on this. It didn’t really feel like a risk, but it was a huge step for us ’cause it’s so different from what we usally release, Taylor says.

- We only produced the songs that made it on to the album. When those were done, we thought about making more songs that rocked, but we didn’t wanna replace any of the ones we already had done so we didn’t bother to make more, Jeremy fills in.
The quartet still tries to find their rolls in the band. They admit that they still try to figure out how to handle and match each others personalities, but that it’s also alot easier now than two years ago.

- We’ve got such different personalities. The good thing is, the more we grow apart, the better the music actually gets. I’ve always felt like a sister to the guys. There are moments when I’m simply just there for them, and the next moment I can be very annoying. It’s different for me, ’cause I’m the only girl, says Hayley.

- We learn something new about each other every day and we learn how to handle our good and less good sides, Taylor says.

- That’s right. If we should describe each other I would say that Taylor is very netural in discussions and he always has the last vote about stuff. He’s also the guy with the most perspective and the one who thinks most rational out of all of us. I would probably say that I’m the most artistic in the group, Hayley says, gettting Jeremy and Taylor to look at her with questioning smiles. Hayley starts to laugh and continues:

- Come on, guys! Just give me that! Anyway, Jeremy is the oldest and the most relaxed, but at the same time the most dreamy.
- And Josh is our so-called-dad. When we discuss things he always strides in and tells us to calm down. We do what he tells us to do. Zac in the other hand has the most sense of homour. He’s also the youngest and without him I’m pretty sure we would take verything too seriously, says Taylor.

- And Hayley sings constantly, Jeremy fills in with a laugh.

- Yeah, I do. But seriously, if we ever get this question again we should just stick with I’m the vocalist, Taylor plays guitar, and so on, laughs Hayley.
After almost an hour long interview it’s easy to establish that Paramore started out just like alot of other teenagers, playing in the basement with a couple of friends – only that these friends has gotten the opportunity to live their dream. They’re careful to point out that they’ve actually never had this dream, to reach this level of succeess, but that they are truly happy over their fans and music. They also remember exactly how it felt to hear themselves on the radio for the first time.

- We were playing in Detroit at the time, and heard that our song was about to play so we ran to our bus and tried to find the right channel on the radio. Outside we had hundreds of fans so we opened up our windows and turned up the volume. When our song started playing everyone became crazy, we all jumped up and down and screamd, it was riducilous, Hayley laughs.
If Paramore will keep making albums and grow old together is not prescribed.

- We sacrifice alot with this life, we’re never home. We miss everything that happens with our family and friends, but when it’s tough we always have each other and it’s like a thorn in our chests when we’re not together. Somehow it feels like it’s meant to be, we are supposed to do music together, atleast for now, so we’ll see about the future. We’ve learned that it’s never about how famous you get or how much money you make, I don’t say that’s bad, but in our case it’s about so many other things to make it all work, says Taylor.

- We’re happy to do what we love doing and the fact that other people appreciate it as much as we do is not something we take for granted. We have fun and play music because we love it, Hayley finishes.

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